Great To Be Back!

Flying into Cancun.

Wendy with team mascot Curious George.

First dinner of the expedition.

A day’s end in Akumal

It’s Great to be back!

Today began yesterday for Karl who took the red eye flight from Los Angeles, arriving in Cancun at 7:40am. Renee and Terrence drove from Orlando to Miami to catch an 8:00am flight, arriving shortly after at 8:30am. Thecia arrived at 11:30am, coming in from Little Rock, Arkansas. Our fifth team member, Grant, wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 3:30pm; so, Roberto from Villas DeRosa picked up the first four team members and drove us to an outdoor market to kill some time while he ran errands. We had a nice lunch at an outdoor café and were served by a lovely waitress named Wendy. After lunch we walked around the market looking at the usual souvenirs that one finds in Cancun, often being beckoned into the shops by the vendors. We all stood firm and resisted until the last moment when a postcard was purchased. Grant strolled out of the airport around 4:00pm and we began our hour long drive to Akumal.

Upon arriving, we were happy to see that Villas DeRosa was still as it was when we were here last. Nancy and Wayne greeted us upon our arrival and escorted us to our rooms. Since we are residing on the third floor this year there will be plenty of exercise – hauling equipment up and down the stairs. Surely we will all be in fine shape at the end of the expedition! We carried all of our bags and boxes upstairs and began settling in to our home for the next two weeks.

During dinner we had a brief meeting about the expedition. As we dined we could hear the surf just about 50 feet away and a refreshing tropical breeze swirled inside the villa. Afterwards, the team began preparations for the next day’s activities.

The Cambrian Foundation would like to express sincere gratitude to those who have sponsored us on this expedition. We welcome everyone to follow along our daily updates and “ask the trilobite,” if you have a question or comment about the Foundation or the expedition itself. It’s heartwarming to know that people are following along with our research efforts.

Team Members:

  • Grant Graves
  • Renee Power
  • Karl Shreeves
  • Thecia Taylor
  • Terrence Tysall

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